Classic Car Tours in Miami

Sunset Classic Car Tour in Miami

Unique attraction

American Dream Tour offers  a unique tour experience in Antique Convertible Cars.

Unlike most tours where you are crammed in a bus and can’t hear the tour guide, you get a private tour with an experienced private driver and amazing City Guides.

Classic car tours are given on fully restored 1950’s and 1960’s antique convertible cars allowing up-to 5 guests plus the driver in one car.

Try a unique attraction and book a city tour in an antique convertible car with American Dream Tour in Miami!

Explore and Learn About Miami

With tours from American Dream Tour – Miami, tour guests get the chance to learn “one on one”. Being able to fully hear everything the guide has to talk about on specific landmarks as well as other tour locations like where locals hang out, what the vibe is, what types of crowds and music to expect.

Perfect for people traveling to Miami as well as newcomers who recently move to Miami and want to know the best places to live, eat, visit and work.

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